samedi, janvier 26, 2013


It’s friday early in the morning and the streets are cold and desolated. Four hours, closed book written exam and dictionaries are not allowed. To be honest, it’s my last exam and this one means a big challenge for me. If you really know me, you can guess why. 
I’m not afraid... I’m not nervous ... I can’t feel... I’m already frozen... 

I use to bike and listen to music. I won’t forget the song playing on my way to the slaughter. This song is still in my mind. The perfect song...

Lucha de gigantes
el aire en gas natural
un duelo salvaje 
lo cerca que ando de entrar
En un mundo descomunal
siento mi fragilidad....

I arrive to the building, a huge building furnished only with computers that will help to accomplish the assignment. It’s my last year in CBS, I must admit that the environment is very completive and individualistic. Regarding to exams and assignments, nobody is gonna be there to share some knowledge or experiences... you’re there, by yourself... and this building become a place where you can win or lose, it is a fight against yourself. 

Vaya pesadilla
con una bestia detrás
dime que es mentira todo, 
un sueño tonto y no más
Me da miedo la enormidad 
donde nadie oye mi voz.

It is a fight against yourself, but it’s still important how the others perceive you. If the others see weakness then they will see weakness forever in their minds until the end. This could be a crudely description but then, why was that girl trying to hide that she failed her courses in France? She explained that she found those courses interesting in CBS this semester and that’s why she took more courses. A semester already charged of material and assignments, she is there alone, with her secret. 

Deja de engañar
no quieras ocultar
que has pasado sin tropezar 
monstruo de papel
no sé contra quien voy
o es que acaso hay alguien más aqui?

English and Danish, two languages that I have to improve in a short period of time. A challenge that becomes a monster to fight, a ghost to face with courage. Maybe some can say that they have done things better, maybe they can laugh. I finish the exam proud and smiling. I leave with my bike, breathing the fresh air of this cold day.

Creo en los fantasmas terribles
de algún extraño lugar
y en mis tonterías 
para hacer tu risa estallar

En un mundo descomunal 
siento tu fragilidad.

and I did it !!! So I can say that I’m fighting right. 

mercredi, janvier 16, 2013

"Rejsen er ikke bare en ferie. Man lærer også meget om andre lande" H.C.A.

"Traveling is not just a holiday, you also learn a lot about other countries" 

Yesterday I saw this movie and I could not sleep. It is true that Andersen's tales are not what they seem to be nor how they are used to be sold in the market. 
Talking about how long I have been in Denmark, sometimes it seems to be an eternity, but sometimes, it is just like yesterday... However, now, I feel able to understand Andersen's side. 

I will not write about "the Little Mermaid" or "The Ugly Duckling". Actually, I have not read them yet. I am waiting to have a better level of Danish. I introduce you some readings I have found fascinating. (Old Danish writing).

Det døende Barn                                                          El niño moribundo  

Moder, jeg er træt, nu vil jeg sove,                       Madre, estoy cansado, ahora quiero dormir,
Lad mig ved dit Hijerte slumre ind;                      Déjame descansar junto a tu corazón;
Græd dog ei, det maa Du først mig love,             No llores, debes prometérmelo primero, 
Thi din Taare brænder paa min Kind.                  Tus lágrimas están quemando mi mejilla.
Her er koldt og ude Stormen truer,                       Aqui hace frio y fuera la tormenta amenaza,
Men i Drømme, der er Alt saa smukt,                  Pero en mis sueños, todo es muy hermoso,
Og de søde Englebørn jeg skuer,                         Y los dulces angeles yo veo, 
Naar jeg har det trætte Øie lukt.                           Cuando mis ojos cansados cierro.

Moder, see Du Englen ved min Side?                 
Hører Du den deilige Musik?                              
See, han ha to Venger smukke hvide,                
Dem han sikkert af vor Herre fik;                       
Grønt og Guult og Rødt for Øiet svæver,           
Eller, Moder, faaer jeg naar jeg døer? 

Hvorfor trykker saa Du mine Hænder?
Hvorfor lægger Du din Kind til min?
Den er vaad, og dog sim Ild den brænder, 
Moder, jeg vil altid væere din!
Men saa maa Du ikke læenger sukke, 
Græder Du, saa græder jeg med Dig.
O, jeg er saa træt! - maa Øiet lukke -                 Oh, estoy tan cansado - que mis ojos se cierran
- Moder - see! nu kysser Englen mig !              - Madre - mira, ahora el ángel me besa! 

There is an Andersen's song that really like. At the first glance, it seems nationalistic but later I read a short H.C. Andersen's biography and I found out that he wrote the song during the First World War. He used to travel a lot in Germany, where he had a lot of German friends. Nevertheless, Denmark and Germany became enemies at the time. It was difficult for him, because in Germany he was more popular and appreciated than in Denmark, his own country. In Denmark, he was very criticized and people even insulted him on the street.

I Danmark er jeg født, der har jeg hjemme,
Der har jeg Rod, derfra min Verden gaaer.
Du danske Sprog, Du er min Moders Steemme,
Saa sødt velsignet Du mit Hjerte naaer.  

Of course, it makes me think of Mexico and I made some changes.

I Mexico er jeg født, dér har jeg hjemme,            En México nací, y ahí tengo yo mi hogar   
der har jeg rod, derfra min verden går.               Ahí tengo mis raices, y de ahi mi mundo va,
Du varme sprog, du er min moders stemme,      Tú, idioma cálido, tu eres mi lengua materna, 
så sødt velsignet du mit hjerte når.                     tan dulce bendición cuando mi corazón

Dig elsker jeg! - Dig elsker jeg!                          Te amo yo, te amo yo !
Mexico, mit fædreland!                                       México, mi patria !

derfra min verden går!!!! :D (Det er bare nogle ændringer)